You are an avatar whose soul can leave the body on a mission to resolve a conflict shrouded in mystery. Discover your purpose as you fight the enemy with 2 perspectives and different units at your disposal in a human war created by specters and demons.

Use the aerial perspective to control your units, you must accommodate them so that the objective is met, placing them in the most convenient place possible
You can also give the order to attack an enemy, follow a unit, place selected units in defensive or offensive mode, and even sequence a list of points through which said selected units can visit. You can also use the map to quickly go to a point or point your teammates to a point to perform an action

There are different types of units and they vary in movement speed, resistance to damage, type of weaponry and have a special ability integrated into their suit. For more control over a specific unit, you can possess them

You are a person (of the avatar type) who learns to master astral travel and who leaves his body in automatic sleepwalking mode while devoting his attention to a strategy that can lead your squad to victory.
The avatar type can be all types of units, for example:

You can edit your avatar previously, this character editor allows you to edit gender, height, age, muscles, fatness, skin, hair, clothing, clothing color, facial features, and beard length, among others.
All gameplay characters are randomly generated with the same characteristics

Exorsite is crossplatform, currently it can be played on steam (pc) and on google play (android), the user does not depend on the steam or google account and the same user can be used everywhere