Controls and Manual

PC controls:

  • WASD: move
  • [TPS] 1234: change guns
  • [TPS] E: interaction / possess unit
  • [TPS] Q: follow me (bot in pointer)
  • [TPS] F: in first time, you can see the description of your ability, and in the second time you apply this ability
  • [TPS] R: Reload gun
  • [TPS] Left shift: Run (combined with WASD)
  • [TPS] Left Control: Roll (you can combine with WASD)
  • [TPS] Space: jump
  • [TPS] X: Change gun/camera position (as mirror)
  • [TPS] C: change pose (crouch / stand up)
  • [TPS] Mouse movement: look at the scene
  • [RTS] Mouse movement: to set focus of actions (select units combined with the left click)
  • [TPS] Left Click: Shoot
  • [RTS] Left Click: interact / select units or deselect clicking in no interactables)
  • [TPS] Right Click: to point (zoom, presition to shoot)
  • [RTS] Right Click: to send order (waypoints in selected units)
  • [RTS] Scroll: to zoom in / out of camera
  • Escape: open the gameplay menu
  • V: change camera mode (RTS/TPS)

Android controls:

Android capture

all inputs emulated in screen:

in the right-down of screen we have the point, shoot, run, crouch/stand up, jump, reload, interact (visible) and follow me (invisible) butons [Interact and follow me are visible if them can be used]

in te right-up of screen we have the ability button and the guns of this unit

in the left-down of the screen we have the stick to movement and the change gun and camera position to the other hand/side

In the left-up of the screen we have the gameplay menu and view mode (TPS/RTS).


in the midle-down of the screen we have our selected unit with the life and type. (Our avatar if is alive, allways is visible in this part of screen to fast access to return to use them)

in the left-up of screen we have a map, it have information about objetives and the camera position in this map, and you can comunicate positions if is activate the pointer option